J Sainsbury’s has implemented datacentre management software as part of a plan to consolidate its servers.

The supermarket is using the Aperture Vista 500 system in its central datacentres as well as computer rooms at depots, in a bid to gain a better view of its hardware and systems and the space available. The company plans to redesign its datacentres and reduce its server numbers, to improve energy usage, cooling, storage and network efficiency. Sainbury's has not set a timeframe or targets for its server consolidation programme at this stage.

Malcolm Ireland, IT production operations manager at Sainsbury’s, said: “We expect Vista 500 to help us by providing better access to configuration records when we are planning changes in our datacentres. We want to maintain a pictorial plan for new installs, changes and removals, with easy access to this information for all who need it.

"It will also help us to identify the best place to position equipment to make best use of our space, cabling infrastructure and cooling."

Sainsbury’s has also deployed voice picking systems from VoiteQ at three of its warehouses in a bid to speed up stock picking and make it more accurate.

It has implemented 100 VoiteQ Talkman devices at three large distribution centres in Maltby, Stone and Skelton, replacing a paper-based warehouse management system, called Disco, which produced paper lists for the picking staff to refer to.

Sainsbury’s said that as a result its accuracy of picking had improved strongly.

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