SanDisk has introduced a new line of solid-state drives (SSDs) that it's marketing directly to retail consumers versus computer system manufacturers.

SanDisk is pitching its new Ultra SSD line as a product that can be used to replace hard drives in older systems and thereby increase the performance, durability and lifespan of existing laptops and desktops.

Kent Perry, director of product marketing for SanDisk, pointed out that replacing an existing hard drive with an SSD is more cost effective than purchasing a new computer.

The new range, which uses the SATA 2.0 specification I/O interface, sports a sequential read rate of up to 280MB/sec and a sequential write rate of up to 270MB/sec. SanDisk claims the SSD, which is based on multi-level cell NAND flash memory, has a mean time between failure (MTBF) rate of up to one million hours.

Many SSD industry experts do not believe MTBF is an accurate way to determine a products longevity, as it relates to a the failure rates based on a representative group of shipped products, and not testing of individual drives.

That said, today's MLC-based SSDs have wear-levelling firmware that helps extend the longevity of the product for up to 10,000 erase-write cycles, meaning a drive can be written to as many as 10,000 times.

The new Ultra SSD line comes in drive 60GB, 120GB and 240GB capacities.