SAP has unveiled enhancements to SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI 3.1, its business intelligence software.

SAP APJ customers can also take advantage of intuitive data navigation tools and increased support for smaller IT environments by using SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management solutions, which helps create better business strategies, as well as assisting with planning, budgeting and accounts consolidation.

"Midsize companies continue to purchase BI tools for a wide array of users who need to access and analyse data from sources across their organisations," said Brian McDonough, research manager for business analytics at IDC.

Designed for users without any prior IT expertise, SAP says that this BI tool allows users to search, explore and retrieve business information from any data source through simple keyword searches with SAP BusinessObjects Polestar. Users are able to retrieve specific data, like sales by region, by simply clicking on the report, data set or dashboard.

SAP BI and EPM solutions will reportedly help firms move from simply reacting to economic challenges to positioning themselves for future success.

"SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI solutions provide customers with unprecedented transparency so employees throughout the organisation can make better decisions more quickly," said Simon Dale, senior vice president and head, Business User Organisation, SAP Asia Pacific and Japan.

He added: "With this knowledge, every business user can help to build a leaner, more efficient organization--the key to survival in today's climate." SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI offers all users multiple vendor support.