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While members of the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) say they'll spend more money on SAP software this year compared to 2013, the rate of growth has been cut nearly in half, according to a recent survey.

Members' SAP budgets will rise 6% in 2014, as opposed to 11.2% last year, DSAG said. Members' overall IT budgets are also growing more slowly, going up 2.1% compared to 5.9% last year.

DSAG surveyed 413 members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with some 35% from companies with between 1,000 and 4,999 employees, according to the group.

While SAP has been eager to get customers buying new products such as its HANA in-memory database platform, the hottest topics among DSAG members surveyed were IT consolidation and "the mobilisation of business processes," with some 75% of respondents mentioning them.

As for SAP-related spending, 66% said they will invest in their ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, 41% in analytics and 34% in SAP mobile applications. Only 18% cited HANA as a spending priority.

"DSAG members are pursuing current hot topics such as mobility, in-memory computing, and cloud, but are not only using SAP products to do so," group chairman Marco Lenck said. "Customers analyse their current situation precisely and then seek out the products that fit their company's landscapes."

DSAG expects a "customer first" attitude from SAP with respect to its product development efforts, Lenck added.

Such remarks underscore DSAG's high-profile willingness to push back against SAP on matters such as increased maintenance fees in recent years. Lobbying by DSAG and other SAP groups resulted in the vendor making a number of concessions.

DSAG has nearly 50,000 registered members.