Schneider Electric has completed its $6.1 billion (£3.1bn) acquisition of American Power Conversion (APC).

Schneider chief executive, Jean-Pascal Tricoire said the acquisition will generate value for customers through a broader choice of tailored critical power and cooling services products. While former APC chief, Rob Johnson described it as a powerful combination bringing together two well-known brands.

Only last week APC announced it has begun working with IBM on pre-engineered data centres aimed at mid-sized businesses that need facilities in the 500 to 1,000 square foot range.

IBM is pre-configuring systems intended to work with APC's In-Row InfraStruXure systems, which provide power and cooling without the need for a raised floor.

The vendors have named their offering the Scalable Modular Data Centre.

Jed Scaramella, an IDC analyst, said the decision by APC and IBM to work together on a data center development project is a sign of things to come as server vendors pay more attention to cooling and power needs.

By giving users a single point of contact when building a new data centre, the vendors are responding to the disconnect that exists between some facility managers and IT managers.

That disconnect has led to data centre managers ordering new servers without knowing about all the power and cooling needs of the systems on an existing data centre infrastructure.

The cost of electricity is "becoming a critical cost factor and people are starting to pay a lot more attention to it," Scaramella said.