North Lanarkshire Council has completed a customer data cleansing project to aid the collection of council tax and also help improve dealing with citizen enquiries on housing benefit and other services.

Using Experian QAS' data cleansing and deduplication tools, the exercise analysed thousands of customer records held across multiple systems and databases. The council now has a single customer view across several key data sets.

As a result, the council says it has seen a 24 percent improvement in the quality of council tax records, and a 21 percent improvement in the quality of housing benefit records.

It has also freed up the equivalent of one full time member of staff’s time for release into front line services as a result, said the council.

Peter Tolland, customer services manager at North Lanarkshire Council, said: "With the complete review of our records we will be able to respond more quickly to queries and citizens will benefit from more efficient and effective service provision."