Seven hundred jobs at Fujitsu could be at stake in the aftermath of the company’s decision into withdraw from its £1.1 billion contract with the National Programme for IT in the NHS.

Almost 1000 people at Fujitsu currently work on the NHS IT contract and related activities, according to the trade union Unite.

Peter Skyte, the union’s national officer representing IT workers said, “The Government must make a quick decision to end the present uncertainty and insecurity for the highly skilled IT people working on the NHS contract for Fujitsu.

“Government must act to ensure that the knowledge and skills gained in working for Fujitsu are retained, whoever the provider or providers are in the future, and ensure that the skilled staff can help the project continue to a successful conclusion in the interests of patients, the NHS and the health of the nation."

Last week (16 June), senior executives from Fujitsu told MPs on the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee that the constant need for local changes to centrally mandated NHS IT systems drove them to pull out of the (NPfIT).

Peter Hutchinson, UK public services group director at Fujitsu Services, told MPs, that local trusts "withheld payment" in order to force Fujitsu to make changes to the system beyond the contractual agreement.

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