Lordy – you can have an army of PR flacks trying to protect your ass but you can’t shut up your mum. Poor old Richard Granger – I almost feel sorry for him. Not only is he presiding over the biggest civil IT debacle, sorry civil IT project in history, he’s now got his mum shooting her mouth off about him failing his computer studies exams at university.

Mary Granger – who reportedly hasn’t spoken to her son for a decade – told newspapers that she was surprised by her offspring’s current responsibilities. “I can’t believe that my son is running the IT modernisation programme for the whole of the NHS,” she said. In this, she is not alone.

Granger, who is paid £280,000 a year to manage the £20 billion computerisation of the health service, was only allowed to resit the exam after his mother appealed to Princess Anne on his behalf. He passed the exam on resit and graduated with a 2.2... in geology. Still that could come in handy – some day someone’s going to want to dig up the remains of the NHS fiasco so some geological skills could be useful.