Spiceworks, the social business platform for IT professionals, has announced that it now has two million users, representing nearly 30% of all IT pros at SMEs worldwide.

The social business network combines free network management, network monitoring and help desk software with a Facebook-like community of IT professionals. Members can use the platform to discuss issues, share advice and information on particular technologies and services, and get quotes from vendors for new products.

The company claims that, between them, the two million IT pros using Spiceworks support 68 million workers and manage 116 million computers and devices, and spend more than $350 billion a year on tech products and services.

IT vendors can also set up branded vendor pages, converse with members of the community and deliver targeted advertising on the network. Spiceworks claims that 1,000 technology brands are now using the platform, including big names such as Intel and Microsoft.

“It took us four years for the first million IT pros to join Spiceworks, and it took us just two years for the second million, so the growth rate is accelerating significantly,” Spiceworks co-founder Jay Hallberg told Techworld. “There's about seven million IT professionals who take care of the networks of the world's small and medium enterprises, so that means there's at least five million to go.

“We rely a lot on word of mouth among those IT professionals. What we're starting to see is that people who don't have a Spiceworks account are starting to feel left behind.”

Last year, Spiceworks opened a new European headquarters in London, to expand its presence in the region and meet demand from technology brands. Hallberg said that Europe now represents 25% of its overall user base.

“Getting local vendors, or local employees of global vendors, to participate in the community aids the IT professional a lot. So now we have many more people in the UK participating, providing local answers and local commentary, that's obviously a big benefit to both parties,” he said.

The news comes as micro-blogging website Twitter announces that it now has 10 million users in the UK alone. The company also opened operations in the UK last year. Twitter has more than 140 million active users worldwide.

Spiceworks will host its first ever SpiceWorld London user conference at Vinopolis on 24-25 May. Users can register here.