Twitter integration is being added to the new version of the Hornbill service desk support platform, in order to satisfy the Generation Y crowd.

Patrick Bolger, chief evangelist at Hornbill, said, "With more IT savvy users in the workplace including Generation Y employees, the IT service management environment is changing. These users are increasingly turning to social media channels like Twitter to air any frustrations with IT, long before putting a call into the service desk.

"With IT the last to know, these issues can fester and damage the reputation of support teams."

Hornbill's Support Works ITSM Enterprise v3.2 Twitter integration aims to create a more proactive service desk by identifying and responding to issues that fail to arise through traditional channels.

With Supportworks v3.2 service desks can discover, react and resolve requests via Twitter and create an auditable record of these interactions in the Supportworks database, said Hornbill.

In addition, Hornbill is also announcing more comprehensive smartphone-based support in the updated version.

Twitter integration features in new Hornbill platform include:

-Search Tweets: Searches for specific hashtags, words or phrases can be saved and scheduled to run automatically, with real-time results displayed and options available to reply to the tweet

-Monitor mentions and issue updates: Track what customer followers are "tweeting" and enable immediate access to these followers and the ability to broadcast service updates

-Resolve customer records from Twitter ID: Match tweets received from customers with records in the Supportworks database to create an auditable record of interactions and ensure greater consistency across all support channels

-Raise a Tweet as an incident: Reply to a tweet from within Supportworks or raise an incident, service request or other call directly from the tweet. A new call form can be opened, the customer details are resolved and relevant information is copied from the tweet

- Manage multiple Twitter accounts: Use Open Authentication (OAuth) to integrate several Twitter accounts with the service desk, enabling support staff to tweet and reply from accounts they are approved to use

Supportworks ITSM Enterprise v.3.2 also now also includes an updated mobile web client with a more intuitive interface. Support staff on the move can log, update and resolve requests, as well as authorise and update tasks without having to enter large amounts of text.  

This mobile functionality can be used with a variety of popular smartphones, including Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices.