Sweden is the top country in Europe when it comes to rolling out fibre broadband, with over 10 percent of the country already having superfast internet access, says the Fibre to the Home Council (FTTH).

According to the broadband organisation the number of Europeans that have access to a fibre internet connection has grown by 18 per cent to two million since last year, and this figure is expected to rise to 13 million by 2012.

Karel Helsen, president of FTTH, told the BBC that the number of fibre broadband connections are increasing because it offers seemless web browsing.

"No delay is very important, specifically if you talk about applications that are time dependent such as personal communications, conference calls or video calls where delays cause a lot of interference."

However, FTTH reported that the UK doesn't feature in the Council's top 10 of EU countries with the most fibre connections.

Top fibre broadband nations
1. Sweden - 10.9%
2. Norway - 10.2%
3. Slovenia - 8.9%
4. Andorra - 6.6%
5. Denmark- 5.7%
6. Iceland - 5.6%
7. Lithuania - 3.3%
8. Netherlands - 2.5%
9. Slovakia - 2.5%
10. Finland - 2.4%

Source: FTTH Council