Thames Water has revealed that it is seeking a technology partner to help it convert data into management information, which it hopes will provide it with innovation opportunities during five years of massive investment.

The utility provider revealed at the end of last year that it will be setting up an alliance of suppliers to deliver a significant proportion of its 2015 to 2020 programme of essential upgrades to water pipes, treatment facilities, and sewers across London and the Thames Valley.

A contract notice released today states that a technology and innovation provider will be part of this alliance, where it will “convert existing Thames Water data into management information, and propose new, ‘data to information’ technology to better inform investment decisions from the capital programme”.

Thames Valley wants current asset related data and processes to be analysed in order to identify “asset management opportunities, recommend potential solutions, and identify future programmes”.

The partner will also be responsible for providing new data sets to support the selection and deployment of new solutions for Thames Water.

These new solutions may include smart metering, new treatment processes, nanotechnology for energy production, underground asset mapping, network and process automation, dynamic modelling, real-time decision making and network management.

Those interested in participating in the tender process have until February 11 to submit information to Thames Water.

Lawrence Gosden, capital delivery director for Thames Water, said at the time of the Alliance announcement: “We need to make significant investment in our water and wastewater networks over the next 10 years, and in order to do that efficiently and sustainably we need to completely transform the way we delivery our investment programmes.”