Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire’s Fire and Rescue services are planning a shared services agreement, named Tri-Service Control, where they plan to all use a new core system.

It is hoped that the shared platform will improve service effectiveness, improve response times, allow more efficient use of resources and ultimately reduce costs.

A contract notice outlines that the fire and rescue services (FRSs) intend to “pool individual Communities and Local Government funds to form a collaborative, resilient and efficient solution to mobilise its fire and rescue assets that is shared across all three counties".

The new, shared core system will include a control and communications system, mobile data devices, communications equipment, management information tools, automatic vehicle location system, integration of middleware into third-party systems and training packages.

The contract is estimated to be worth between £4 million and £7 million.

This news follows the Local Government Association’s (LGA) assessment of Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority’s (DSFRA) shared service agreement, which began in April 2007, and has exceeded its anticipated savings by £1.22 million.

A detail report released earlier this week found that DSFRA expected to deliver savings of just over £3 million up until 2011/12, but has in fact accumulated financial savings of £4.2 million to date.

Further savings are expected up until 2014/15, which could bring the total savings to £8.25 million.