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Master data management (MDM) is essential to cracking the big data challenge, according to TIBCO’s EMEA CTO, Mark Darbyshire.

Master data management helps offer a single, complete view of all master data and provides information essential to business operations by helping to contribute to essential strategies and processes.

Speaking this week at TIBCO’s Transform conference in London, Darbyshire said that better data management can help enterprises ‘cleanse’ large quantities of data.

“One of the joys I have had recently has been talking with some banks around their MDM and big data initiatives. Without MDM, big data actually becomes a bit of a problem because there is an increasing amount of noise,” said Darbyshire.

“MDM can help you clean up, understand, remove duplication, and really normalise the data within your business.”

He added: “This can help you make progress and understand what data is in those data warehouses. What we are seeing from a lot of customers is that they want to combine MDM with other products, they want to combine MDM with their integration technology, so that your applications can start to understand each other’s data.”

TIBCO is developing tools to enable enterprises to have real-time insight into master data across applications.

“One of the expansion areas that I see for TIBCO is a universal master data cache. This allows other applications to see and make use of the data within the MDM suite,” said Darbyshire.

“We have customers, including quite a few telcos in Europe, that have millions and millions of rows of data in their MDM suite. This represents millions of different product definitions, different handsets, different network technologies, different contracts – this is a big data problem in itself.”

He added: “Being able to look into that data, being able to look at in real time and understand it as it changes, is very powerful.”