Shirt maker TM Lewin is deploying an integrated HR and payroll system from supplier MidlandHR, in a bid to improve processes.

Richard Small, head of HR at TM Lewin, said: "Four years ago our company did not have an HR function or any specific HR IT support, although there was a payroll system. The driver for selecting MidlandHR's iTrent system was the need for a fully-integrated HR and payroll solution."

TM Lewin was established in 1898 and has stores across the UK. It was established in 1898.

TM Lewin said iTrent's fully integrated system enables efficiencies by eradicating duplicate tasks and supporting distributed working arrangements. The system also needed to be "user friendly and robust" as the next phase of implementation entails deployment at over 90 UK stores.

The platform is intended to reduce the time needed by the head office on manual HR tasks. This will mean local management assumes responsibility for their own staff and the maintenance of their respective personal information, the company said.

The self-service option will be rolled out to stores over the next one to two years.