How CIOs can get the most out of business intelligence data

There are countless opportunities to save money, gain consumer insights and increase ROI by simply optimising BI data

Business intelligence has become a well-known buzzword in recent years, but there is definitely substance beneath the hype. BI insights can provide a wealth of information about many facets of the business. 

This data is often used to identify untapped business opportunities, reveal areas where money can be saved and turn ERP data into accessible and meaningful insights. Increasingly data-driven strategies across organisations mean that these insights are more important than ever, with 53% of companies reportedly using big data analytics. 

But although CIOs may now feel obligated to collect this data, approaching it from a data analysis perspective can be daunting. To help, we've compiled a list of tips aimed to help you extract the most value from this data.

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Additional reporting from Laurie Clarke