UK enterprises lag behind European counterparts when it comes to the use of Complex Event Processing (CEP), according to new research.

CEP is a technology developed to address the data throughput needs of real-time data processing and analytics.

But 70 per cent of UK businesses have no intention of analysing their data in real-time, and instead rely on retrospective business intelligence (BI) for critical market information, a study of CIOs and senior IT managers across 500 European businesses has found.

Conversely results for the rest of Europe demonstrated stronger interest in CEP technology. Many businesses in France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany plan to implement or have implemented CEP.

The research was conducted by Vanson Bourne Research, and commissioned by Progress Software, which develops service-oreinted architecture.

Giles Nelson, EMEA CTO for Progress Software, said: "Relying on BI means that businesses are not reacting fast enough to gain business advantage and may miss opportunities whilst they wait for BI to process the data. BI in valuable in providing businesses with an end of the day update on what has happened to the organisation – providing the 'why' something happened.

"Organisations need to look at both BI and CEP to monitor their organisations and respond to events in real-time. The right combination will be the difference between first mover advantage and missing out on prime opportunities."

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