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The UK technology market will have to wait until next year to show any real growth, with it set to rise only 0.5% in 2013 to £73.4 billion, according to analysts Forrester.

But next year Forrester estimates the UK technology market will grow by 4.6%. Forrester analyst Andrew Bartels said: "Next year will be better, with all categories except IT outsourcing experiencing positive growth and total ICT purchases growing by 4.6%.

"While UK government and businesses did keep their 2012 tech purchases level with 2011, caution will continue in 2013."

Forrester's Forrsights data for total UK ICT budget shows that on average UK firms in 2013 plan to spend 31% of their budget on IT staff, 15% on software, and 5% on various as-a-service offerings (mostly SaaS).

Another 16% will go on hardware, 11% on telecommunications, 11% on third-party IT services, and 8% on contractors.

By industry, shows the research, UK manufacturers spend more of their IT budget on software and as-a-service offerings, while retailers and wholesalers spend relatively more on hardware.

Financial services, insurance and media and entertainment organisations devote a higher portion of their IT budgets to IT staff, while utilities and telecoms firms spend the highest share on third-party IT services.

Despite the hype only one-third of UK firms are using or planning to use cloud computing.