Enterprise Applications

Unisys has won a three-year contract to provide global IT support for storage firm X-IO.

Under the terms of the contract, X-IO Technologies can have Unisys engineers handle installations and on-site maintenance in more than 100 countries including Australia.

In addition to offering break-fix services, Unisys will offer professional services to new and existing customers for all of X IO's storage systems. X-IO vice president, global services, Ronald George, said X-IO products were higly reliable and rarely needed servicing.

"In fact after installation, the vast majority of our customers benefit from true zero touch storage in excess of five years," he said.

"Unisys' appointment provides an extra insurance policy for our customers.

"Picking a single service partner with so much expertise adds further depth to our support services and means we continue to respond quickly with the right solution or support any time a customer experiences a service event."

Initially, Unisys will provide services for X-IO customers in the Asia Pacific and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions, with service in North America and Latin America/Caribbean to follow.

Unisys president of global managed services, Ron Frankenfield said by providing comprehensive, timely service, the company could free X-IO to concentrate on its rapid growth strategy and enable its enterprise customers to benefit consistently from X-IO's storage technology.