The University of Central England (UCE) in Birmingham is updating its provide payroll services to create a platform for introducing greater access for the workforce and operational efficiencies.

After a competitive bidding process business process provider, HBS has been contracted to replace the existing service with a modern payroll bureau platform.

The HBS bid was chosen for its use of SAP technology, while UCE Birmingham cited HBS’ flexibility and commitment to providing value for money as a further reason for its choice.

HBS has already implemented on time and on budget. The service will go live this month with the introduction of automated systems, reducing manual calculations and allowing staff to provide improved and detailed management information.

The availability of electronic payslips will also expand the scope of service offerings to staff. And an more comprehensive reporting capability is expected to improve the provision of payroll management related information.

David Wright, UCE Birmingham purchasing and insurance manager said: “UCE Birmingham has long been dedicated to providing employees with high quality payroll services and our new contract with HBS will mean that we can continue to modernise and provide cutting edge services.”