Ask any IT leader what their most of their time is spent on and the answer is likely to be procurement. Being responsible for choosing what and from whom their companies buy IT can make or break a CIOs career and the best of them have very definite ideas about how they manage their relationships with IT suppliers.

Speaking with a number of IT leaders at the 2010 CIO Summit last September, it was clear that the relationship with their suppliers is transforming into a more complex beast. In the past heads of IT have measured the success of a supplier relationship in terms of hard metrics like competitive pricing and delivery.

But some have begun to recognise that these monolithic milestones often work against both parties and it's up to savvy IT procurement leads to nurture their suppliers in a more understanding and collaborative way if they are going to get service levels that have any impact on the performance of their particular business.

Speakers and delegates gave their tips on a video, which you can see here: