CIOs and IT teams are considering collaboration as one of the first "new" projects to put back on their action lists as the economy recovers, a survey by Avanade has found. In association with CIO UK, Avanade talked to European IT leaders at a recent Gartner event to gauge the interest in collaboration technology, to learn more, watch the enclosed videos.

Avanade carried out a survey of 500 IT leaders earlier this year and found that three-quarters of the organisations surveyed plan to increase their adoption of collaboration technology. Kelton Research carried out the survey on behalf of Avanade in 17 countries and interviewed CIOs, IT Directors and business unit heads.

"Collaboration technologies are changing the business culture," said Tyson Hartman, global Chief Technology Officer at Avanade. "

Although organisations are once again considering collaboration technology, CIOs are wary of it. Unlike technologies like cloud computing, survey respondents are more concerned with the cultural changes collaboration can bring about, rather than the technology changes. Over 38 per cent of respondents said their staff no longer solve problems on their own as a result of using collaboration technology. One in four of those interviewed worried introducing collaboration systems would increase time wasting at their organisation.