Virgin Media has confirmed that 80 IT roles will be at risk after it expands an existing outsourcing contract with Accenture to continue its integration programme.

The telecommunications provider, which was formed from a merger of ntl:Telewest and Virgin Mobile UK in 2006, currently employs 175 IT staff.

The redundancies are expected to take place in August, after a 90 consultation with employees and their trade unions.

A spokesperson for the company said that there will be opportunities for redeployment for the affected staff, with a possibility for some to be transferred by TUPE - Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) - to Accenture.

“We have announced a proposal to reorganise our technology services with Virgin Media. The proposals include a strategic shift in the resourcing of part of our IT functions to one of our incumbent partners, Accenture. This is a fundamental part of our strategy necessary to ensure we are able to increase the cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability of our IT systems,” a Virgin Media spokesperson said.

“Over the next few years we will be looking at a range of strategic partnerships, as well as extending existing relationships with partners in order to help us build best-in-class IT systems and processes.”