Nearly two-thirds of organisations suffer problems with data recovery according to research published by Veeam Software.

The research claimed that 63 percent of enterprises experience problems every month when attempting to recover a physical or virtual server. According to Veeam, companies that test the recoverability of backups can help eliminate this problem.

The company pointed out, however, on average backups are tested every two months, meaning that potentially there are 60 days of bad back-ups. According to the research, respondents said that testing the recoverability of one backup takes 13 hours and it's this commitment, and the resources it takes that explains why so many IT departments do not do more testing.

According to the research, hardware failure is the most common reason (experienced by 68 percent of organisations in the last year) is the most common reason for recovering data on a server, closely followed by a general IT problem such as misconfiguration (63 percent), and user or operator error (56 percent).

Veeam, which is known for its data protection and disaster recovery products, said that, to no great surprise that, the implementation of the appropriate disaster recovery products, the need for full server recovery would be obviated.

"IT managers often cite enhanced data protection as one of the primary reasons to virtualise, but the technology holds a huge amount of potential that businesses aren't currently tapping into," said Ratmir Timashev, president and CEO of Veeam Software. "For example, it's well understood that virtualisation can reduce the physical server footprint in areas such as off-site disaster recovery locations. With instant VM recovery, it's possible to reduce recovery time from hours to minutes. It's also possible to recover individual files and application items without restoring the entire machine.