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The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the web today.

While the internet was developed in the 50s, the web or the network of content servers that allow information to be shared, was not created until March 1989.

CERN says that it was on Friday 13 March that its British employee Tim Berners-Lee first proposed a "universal linked information system" that formed the beginnings of the worldwide web.

Berners-Lee authored "Information Management: A proposal" which was the starting point for the world wide web. Berners-Lee was trying to find a solution for the hundreds of CERN employees that needed to communicate, share information, equipment and software.

The organisation will be hosting a number of "short presentations from web veterans" along with "a keynote speech from Tim Berners-Lee with a demonstration of the original browser, and a series of presentations from people that Tim believes are doing exciting things with the web today".

The event will be streamed online by CERN at 1pm today