Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, the sixth largest of the ten regulated water and sewerage companies in England and Wales has taken on new managed services as part of a project to update the company’s Geographical Information System (GIS) in line with more accurate Ordnance Survey data.

As part of a £330,000 contract signed with Welsh Water IT partner, LogicaCMG, Northgate Information Solutions’ StruMap Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) tools are being used to accurately re-align Welsh Water’s digital networks of their water mains and sewers, in line with enhanced topographical data provided by the Ordnance Survey.

The StruMap PAI Tools first assess which assets within Welsh Water’s GIS need to be repositioned. Automated repositioning then takes place and a report is generated detailing the changes that have been made. These changes are then reviewed before being accepted to ensure quality control throughout the process. Quality assurance is then applied at the end of this process to ensure that the networks are correctly re-aligned.

Northgate, LogicaCMG and Evans Utility Services are providing a full managed service, which involves extracting existing information from Welsh Water’s GIS, using the StruMap PAI Tools to reposition the data off-site, applying full quality assurance and supplying Welsh Water with the corrected data.

The improvements will also feed in to Welsh Water’s sewerage asset management solution, which was developed by Northgate to automatically route customer requests and complaints to the relevant contractors. The system uses wireless technology to provide the contractor with details of the incident, contact details and maps to illustrate the location.

Kelvin Davies, ICT change manager at Welsh Water said the service was part of a drive to improve information accuracy. “We are committed to providing accurate data to all our staff in order to deliver a better service to our customers,” he said.