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In our first round-up, we take a look back at the year's CIO profiles, articles and guest pieces, and remember what the CIOs said in 2013 about Big Data, analytics and business intelligence.

"Big Data's really old news, nobody cares anymore."
Former CIO David Jack

Barclays CIO Anthony Watson

"Everyone seems to have a Big Data opinion lately, and most of those opinions imply that I should spend my budget on Big Data.

"Candidly I hate the term Big Data. It is marketing verbiage coined by Gartner."
Barclays CIO Anthony Watson

"I have done my best not to use buzzwords, we have invested in information management. But we are on a journey from hindsight to insight and on towards foresight. And we use these terms in the boardroom.

"When you start on this type of information management journey you have to be careful not to invest too much in the data, otherwise you end up being a data tourist."
NFU Mutual CIO Tim Mann

DX Group CIO Mike Sturrock

"I’m getting further into BI to drive intelligence to give us some insight and some predictive analytics of what might happen. At easyJet we modelled hypothetical scenarios of fog in Madrid and a handling strike in Athens. You can then work out whether it is better to cancel a flight and take the crew off duty and start afresh.

"Fuel was the biggest cost at easyJet. At DX Group we do place a fuel surcharge to the customer, but we are optimising our routing and the number of deliveries. Can we deliver 20 items rather than 15? It is all about the efficiency of the route. At Nightfreight all the vehicles have telemetry that monitors fuel use, but also logs throttle use, braking and idling time for fuel and safety reasons."
DX Group CIO Mike Sturrock

"We can be a lot better with our data and be more analytical. I’m looking to use predictive analysis to spot crime areas – that will give us an edge as an organisation – but I won't say Big Data."
Peabody IT director Martin Carpenter

"Big Data is not a priority right now, our main strategy is undergoing a transformation and delivering an infrastructure that will enable us to innovate."
Countrywide CIO Oliver Skagerlind

Telefonica CIO Phil Jordan

"I believe the future of our industry is all about data and being the best provider of digital and data services."
Telefonica CIO Phil Jordan

"We've really been a Big Data company for over 20 years."
Thomson Reuters CTO James Powell

"All our data is now used in a much more intelligent way, particularly in areas like stock, which all ultimately provides a better shopping experience."
Kroger CIO Chris Hjelm

"Big Data isn't just about massive quantities of the same data."
Tibco CTO Matt Quinn

"Big Data brings a lot of opportunity for CIOs, but it's also a big responsibility.

"At the centre of it all is privacy and security. Once you start taking people's personal data you're entering a contract with them, but you're saying that through their personal data you're going to give them value if they give you trust."
Channel 4 CIO Kevin Gallagher