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In a year that saw success stories and calamitous government IT projects, we recap some of the opinions in 2013 from technology leaders about supplier management, vendors and outsourcing.

"It's not all about driving decision-making from the centre, but it is about better expenditure control and be able to have better relationships with suppliers, and so we don’t centralise everything as there has to be a balance between autonomy and centralisation."
Government CTO Liam Maxwell

"My philosophy on outsourcing is, first of all, when you outsource it should become a partnership.

"They become your extended IT team and therefore I treat them as if they are my IT team; they are just slightly removed but they are still part of the group.

"Because what is outsourcing? Crudely, you're essentially selling your IT department and leasing it back - that's ultimately what it is."
Countrywide CIO Oliver Skagerlind

Severn Trent Water CIO Myron Hrycyk

"Throughout the transformation journey as a CIO you have to place bets on companies that you believe fit your strategy and will be there for the long game."
Severn Trent Water CIO Myron Hrycyk

"I do not believe third parties are reliable for protection of data so I wouldn't outsource."
Anonymous local government CIO, from study into procurement and shared services

TfL CIO Steve Townsend

"We work with a combination of organisations. There are times when the larger organisations are correct and proper to utilise, and there are times when niche services, particularly around forward thinking, and other smaller organisations can help you with.

"Sometimes start-ups can find it difficult to negotiate their way through the process."
Transport for London CIO Steve Townsend

"Microsoft build for a thick client, they do not understand the internet. I hope they will catch up, but I cannot wait."
Former Travis Perkins CIO JJ Van Oosten

Financial Times CIO Christina Scott

"We have also done a lot of work around supplier management and have an ongoing review of the suppliers so that we can be more agile and focused on the business goals."
Financial Times CIO Christina Scott

"Historically we have gone too far with the outsource model and that had made us too reliant on our partners. Having an in-source service means I can get the business close and at every level. We are already seeing small and medium changes becoming easier."
Former Boots IT director Jonathan Vardon

Paul Smith head of IT Lee Bingham

"My focus has always been to concentrate on tier-one vendors and choose them wisely and to standardise with them. We tend not to step outside of these key relationships."
Paul Smith head of IT Lee Bingham

"I thought outsourcing was more expensive and the study proved that it was far more expensive."
Kingston Hospital NHS Trust IT director Anthony Brewer

"There is a benefit from using the big providers. But innovation is a key part of the DWF brand, so for mobile apps we are working with a small Manchester outfit to deliver an app that has all the business plans and annual reports in a single app. The point being that everyone knows the plan as it is in your back pocket."
Richard Hodkinson, CTO at DWF LLP