It appears the human race really, really likes YouTube.

Google announced yesterday that its dominant video-sharing service has surpassed four billion video views worldwide every day. In addition, users are uploading one hour of video to YouTube every second.

Furthermore, YouTube's video-view numbers are up 25% in the past eight months, Google says.

Four billion views is "the equivalent of more than half the world's population watching a video every day, the same number as there are US $1 bills in circulation, the same as number of years since there was water on Mars," the company wrote in a blog post.

The takeaway here is that the already-popular YouTube is growing at a steady clip. Who knows, "YouTube" may someday have a stronger brand value than its parent company Google.

YouTube's surging growth is certainly good news for Google, which has grand ambitions for the video-sharing service it acquired in 2006.

The company recently announced plans to launch new channels of original content for YouTube this year. In addition, Google debuted YouTube Live last year. A new branch of the video-sharing service, YouTube Live streams live events rather than the recorded videos found on the regular YouTube site, and broadcast the Indian Premier League cricket competition which began in April 2011.