Jean Michel Jarre has unveiled a £350,000, 11-foot high iPod dock in Berlin.

The enigmatic French music producer showed off his new kit, which pumps out 10,000W and weighs in at 395kg, at the Internationale Funkausstellung consumer electronics event.

Jarre said: "Not that long ago the Hi-Fi system was the centrepeice of our living rooms, but as music has become completely portable, even nomadic, we've become less demanding of the quality of our listening devices.

"Today we listen to music on small plastic speakers connected to computers and tiny earphones which use the vagaries of the human skull as their imperfect resonator.

"This goes against everything I believe in as a musician. AeroDreamOne is fantastic, but it's not fantasy."

Jarre's audio firm Jarre Technologies offer a more practical €799 (£700) model, the Aerosystem One, which is 1.08m tall, sports a similar design, utilises a 60W subwoofer and two 30W full spectrum high definition tweeters, and is compatible for all iPod and iPhone generations.