Apple is on the hunt for New Product Security Managers in order to prevent prototype products going missing in the future.

Job listings on the Apple website reveal that Apple is overhauling the way it deals with the security of yet-to-be-released products.

"The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple’s unreleased products and related intellectual property," the listing reads.

The listings, first spotted by PC Mag, come after news broke last week of a lost iPhone 5 prototype, which San Francisco police were called in to help with the hunt for, despite initial denials.

Lost iPhone 5 prototype and other rumours

In November, the trial of two men accused of misdemeanor theft in the case of a lost iPhone 4 prototype, the handset that ended up in the hands of former Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, will take place.

The whereabouts of a 3G MacBook has also caused Apple some headaches in recent weeks and last week it emerged that an Apple customer inadvertently walked away from an Apple Store in possession of confidential files.

The customer then tried to sell the drive containing the data on to the Cult of Mac website , which turned the offer down and politely asked that he return it to Apple.