David Rice, author of Geekonomics, graduate of the US Naval Academy and former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst, has been appointed to a security-related post within Apple, it has been claimed.

All Things Digital reports that Rice is expected to take up a post at Apple in March, citing several sources, though Apple has not confirmed the news.

Rice is a well-respected name in IT security, having not only worked for the NSA but the US Cyber Consequences Unit and security firms Monterey Group and IANS. His 2007 book, Geekonomics, is concerned with the impact that unsecured personal computers can have on an entire nation's security.

The book also argues that the software industry is not held accountable for the consequences that flawed programs can have on consumers. "As a matter of good public policy, this is unacceptable and must change," Rice states.

Apple faces a number of security headaches at the moment, with several issues surrounding the deployment of the iPad in the enterprise sector of particular concern.

It was also reported recently that iOS is becoming an increasingly popular target for cybercriminals, though some security firms see the Mac malware threat as still being fairly insignificant.

If the report is true then it signals another high-profile hire for Apple's security department. Back in March 2010, Window Snyder, a former security chief at Mozilla, joined Apple.