Apple is the top vendor of mobile PCs in the world with a 26.6 percent market share, according to new figures from NPD DisplaySearch.

The company shipped 23.4 million mobile PCs in Q4 2011, putting it well ahead of rival HP, which shipped 8.7 million mobile PCs and took a market share of 9.9 percent.

NPD DisplaySearch's Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report puts Dell in third place with 6.9 million shipments and a 7.9 percent share, Acer in fourth (6.8 million; 7.7 percent) and Lenovo in fifth (6.3 million; 7.2 percent) for the same period.

Taking 2011 as a whole, Apple shipped 62.8 million mobile PCs in 2011, up 132 percent year on year, while the fourth quarter saw year-on-year growth of 128 percent.

"Apple’s 26.6 percent share in Q4 2011 is largely due to its dominant position in tablet PCs, which propelled it to nearly three times the shipments of HP. The other brands in the top five market share rankings relied almost exclusively on notebook PC shipments to establish their positions," NPD said.

When the figures are broken down into tablets and notebooks Apple's dominance in the tablet market is even more pronounced, with the company shipping 18.7 million and taking a marketshare of 59.1 percent. It's worth noting that NPD's figures take both sellthrough and inventory into account - Apple's official figure for iPad sales for its fiscal Q1 2012 were 15.4 million.

Amazon took second place in the tablet market for Q4 2011, with 5.3 million shipments giving it a share of 16.7 percent, with Samsung in third having shipped 2.1 million units and gaining a 6.7 percent share.

In terms of notebooks Apple shipped 4.6 million units in Q4 2011, giving it a share of 8.3 percent and putting it in fifth place behind HP (8.7 million shipments; 15.5 percent market share), Dell (6.7 million; 11.8 percent), Acer (6.6 million; 11.8 percent) and Lenovo (6.1 million; 10.8 percent).