With Apple’s share price soaring in to the $600+ range, and with predictions that it could hit $1,001 within 12 months, Apple will need to split its stock or risk being too expensive for most investors.

An article on Forbes, Darcy Travlos discusses that potential investors may be put off by such a high valuation. The report explains: “Many investors can intellectually understand that a $1,000 earning $100 is no different than 50 $20 stocks earning $2, but cannot get over the hurdle of paying $1,000 for the share of stock.” (More below...)

“Apple’s high price per share is making the stock unattractive for retail investors,” states the article. “Today, Apple’s institutional ownership is 69 per cent. This is higher than other popular stocks such as Disney (DIS, 65.8 per cent), GE (52.8 per cent), and AT&T (55.6 per cent), but not out of line. However, should Apple split its stock, it could open up to retail investors, who by the way, are their consumers.”

The interest in the potential for Apple to increase its stock to $1,001 a share was sparked by Topeka Capital Market's Brian White. According to White, massive growth in China, the Apple Television and the next iPhone, will help Apple’s stock price rise to the heady heights of $1,001 per share within 12 months.

Now Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster has joined White in predicting that Apple will increase the value of each of its shares to $1,001 with the next 12 months.

Apple’s stock closed at $629.32 last night, having hit $632.21 during the days trading. Over the past twelve months Apple’s share price has risen by around 80 per cent from $344.56 in 3 April 2011.