Mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has signed a multi-year deal worth about £100m with IT services firm Patni for a range of services including consulting, systems integration, application development and maintenance.

The deal will also see Patni partner with The Carphone Warehouse, which has 2,100 stores across 11 countries, for the development of its global telecoms systems and retail operations.

Simon Post, CTO of The Carphone Warehouse, said the firm was undergoing a rapid transformation of its business and it was “criticalz that we are able to react rapidly to changing market conditions from a technology and operational perspective.”

He said having Patni as a strategic partner should give The Carphone Warehouse “a competitive advantage in the market.”

The deal followed an announcement last week from Patni that it is to buy Carphone Warehouse’s proprietary intellectual property that allows communication service providers to offer customer management and retail point of sale.

Patni intends to use the intellectual property for software licensing, to provide re-usable IP-led IT services, and to develop software-as-a-service offerings.