Asus’s Eee PCis fast becoming technology’s Shakira, a crossover hit that covers more than one demographic audience.

The Eee buzz is everywhere at the moment with scores of geeky websites following every move , however small. That’s because, like the iPhone and Palm Pilot before it, this is a product that fits snugly into the “insanely great” category. However, it is pretty well unique in at least one respect. While most breakthrough products carry a hefty price premium, one of the distinctions of the Eee PC is its very low cost -- about £200 a pop.

It has been predicted for the last 10 years that the PC would struggle to compete with the challenge from server-based computing, software-as-a-service, virtualisation and other trends that minimised the need for a “fat client”. Ironically, the biggest challenge of all to the PC industry might come from the PC itself and its ever-shrinking price tag.

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