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Weather forecasts, breaking news, maps, business data, games and entertainment; Apps for all of these are a native part of our mobile devices and lives. Our involvement in almost any activity today can be enhanced by additional information, communications and collaboration via mobile devices.

As a result CIO UK has teamed up with mobile software specialists Jadu to develop an App for the CIO Summit in 2014 - which works in mobile, laptop and tablet browsers which means you will not have to share any personal details with us or go through an App store download process.

Our primary motivation for developing an App is to increase the amount of debate at the event, which can only serve the CIO community better. Throughout the day there will be survey questions, one per strand, to gather an instant insight into the state of the CIO community. At the end of each CIO speaker's presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Your questions to the speakers can be submitted via the App.

From the App you can also engage in the social media debates the CIO Summit never fails to generate using the #CIOsummit Twitter hashtag.

CIO Summit app

The App also ensures you can keep track with the day, following the agenda via the App and even browse the lunch menu. On the day of the CIO Summit you will also be able to see whom among your peers is attending by vertical market and hook up with them at the networking breaks. The delegate list will not be on the App until the event itself.

We advise CIO Summit attendees familiarise themselves with the App prior to attending the CIO Summit, as we all know that hotel WiFi connections for bandwidth demanding tasks occasionally fall short. Our responsive browser-based App can be found at - please add it to the home screen of your chosen mobile device.