Google Glass1

Google Glass is now available to any adult living in the UK, as the company eyes international expansion of its head mounted computer system.

Google said yesterday that it was opening the beta "Explorer" edition of Glass to any UK resident over age 18, at a price of £1,000.

The unit has some new features aimed at UK residents, including accent recognition and using the metric system. Google also said it was working with UK developers to provide locally relevant software for the system. That could come in the form of specialised mapping apps.

Google said it has received many questions around Glass' availability outside the US. "We're starting out by dipping our toes across the pond," it said.

Later this week the company is hosting a demo day in London for people interested in trying out Glass.

Google is intent on making Glass a useful device for gaining access to contextually relevant information, but that hasn't stopped others from poking fun at it.

A number of popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and breaking news from CNN are already available for Glass.

This week Google is hosting its annual I/O developers conference in San Francisco, during which the company will lead sessions on how to build new types of software for Glass.