Almost half of current Apple iPhone users will wait till their existing contract runs out rather than pay up the remainder to grab the new iPhone 3G S at launch. Over 20 per cent want a different carrier to current exclusive service supplier O2.

14 per cent of voters on the Macworld iPhone poll (1,400 respondents at the time of writing) said they will buy their iPhone 3G S on the June 19 launch day.

4.1 per cent said that they were still within their current contracts and will have to pay up the remainder.

47.7 per cent of voters said that they would stick with the iPhone they've got until the contract runs out.

A mere 7.4 per cent said they didn't want an iPhone.

In an anti-O2 swell 21 per cent said that they'd wait until another carrier is selling Apple's iPhone.

There is already outrage among existing iPhone users on the apparent costs of upgrading.