Hewlett-Packard may be looking to spin off its personal computer unit, but that didn't stop the company from announcing seven new all-in-one PCs. HP refreshed its Omni, TouchSmart and HP Pro lineups.

Perhaps wanting to tell the world it still intends to be a major force in the PC market, HP is currently the world's largest computer maker, the company said its new all-in-one rollout was HP's "largest investment in the all-in-one desktop PC market to date."

HP is banking on all-in-one PCs becoming big sellers in the next year. The company cited a recent finding by market research firm IDC that expects interest in all-in-one desktop devices to grow from 9.9 percent to 15.7 percent among commercial PC users over the next 12 months.

Here's a breakdown of what's coming, including expected launch dates and suggested retail pricing.


Following up on the Omni 100 and Omni 200 that were launched this year, HP is rolling out the 20 inch Omni 120 and the 21.5 inch Omni 220 PCs.

Specs are scarce on the new devices, but HP says the Omni 120 will offer up to 750 GB of hard drive storage with your choice of an Intel or AMD processor. The Omni 220 will feature a cantilever (single arm) design and will come loaded with Intel's Sandy Bridge family of "Core i" processors.

The Omni 220 hits store shelves on September 11, the Omni 120 arrives September 21.

TouchSmart overhaul

Four new TouchSmart all-in-one devices are landing in September and October, including the 20 inch TouchSmart 320, the 21.5 inch TouchSmart 420 and the 23 inch TouchSmart 520. The new computers come with touchscreen displays and include Beats Audio technology.

The TouchSmart 420 and 520 launch on September 11, respectively. Three weeks later, on October 2, the TouchSmart 320 is expected to become available.

HP is also launching the TouchSmart Elite 7320 All-in-One Business PC that includes a 21.5 inch high definition (no word on resolution) LED backlit display, and your choice of Core i3, i5 and i7 processors.

Go pro

The final computer in HP's new all-in-one lineup is the HP Pro 3420, featuring a 20 inch display, Core i3 processor, a maximum 8GB RAM and up to 2TB of hard drive storage. The Pro 3420 has no firm launch date, but HP expects the computer to land in October.