iPhone developers Stéphane Lunati and Brian Dote has announced FolderBuddy for iPhone and iPod touch.

“Have you ever wanted to add a new folder or edit an existing one in your email account but couldn’t using the Mail app on the iPhone? Not anymore! Now you can add, edit, or delete folders in supported IMAP email accounts,” runs the FolderBuddy marketing blurb.

IMAP is the Internet Messaging Access Protocol that allows you to read your email from various locations because the incoming email is kept on your ISP’s mail server.

The developers claim this is one useful feature Apple has yet to address and the application supports popular IMAP email accounts including Apple’s own MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL.

Other features includes - multiple accounts support, SSL support, the ability to shake to refresh folder list when viewing an account, swipe to delete an account in account settings and swipe to delete a folder in folder list view.

Users can also Add/Rename/Delete folders and FolderBuddy includes support for nested folders.

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store FolderBuddy costs £1.19 and requires the iPhone 3.0 Software Update or later.

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