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IT departments are unable to deliver on enterprise business demands for mobile engagement, a Forrester Consulting report has claimed.

The study, entitled ‘The Rise of Holistic Enterprise Mobile Engagement’, was conducted on behalf of mobile software provider OpenMarket, and surveyed senior IT decision-makers at 167 enterprises in the US.

And some 74% said that they see mobile engagement with customers as a major business priority.

However there are significant concerns that IT departments are not able to meet the demands of building and maintaining a mobile solution in-house.It was claimed by 43% that the IT department was unable to move fast enough to support customer-facing efforts.

The main challenge that enterprises found in terms of developing and implementing a mobile solution was integration of new architecture, cited by 55% of respondents. This was followed by security and data privacy concerns, with the complexity of integrating onto a number of different platforms also a factor.

According to Forrester, while there is likely to be a reliance on in-house developed mobile solutions for early pilots, or to support a limited number of applications and services, companies are likely to look to ISVs and SaaS providers to provide platforms that enable improved speed, new functionality and customisation. Using external suppliers will allow IT departments to focus on core business needs instead of engagement infrastructure, the report claimed.

"Mobile represents a critical communication channel for enterprises to engage with their customers," said Jay Emmet, General Manager of OpenMarket. "Companies are already beginning to tackle siloed mobile projects, but there is a need for a more comprehensive, cross-channel approach that lowers operational costs and increases loyalty by engaging customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

"By leveraging OpenMarket’s Mobile Engagement Platform and our vast mobile expertise, enterprises can create immediate value to their business, whether the goal is to improve customer satisfaction, provide support or generate new revenue."