Supply Chain Consulting has launched CarbonView, to enable companies to implement strategies that will reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously improving their business performance.

Ahead of tomorrow’s World Environment Day, the software and services company released tools to businesses that want to go green.

AMR research director, Nigel Montgomery said: “Implications for businesses of the change in attitude toward environmental sustainability are manifesting faster than predicted. Companies are spending money now on IT systems to support initiatives. Yet few companies have yet responded organisationally, a lack of a single owner could create difficulties when trying to enforce processes. Companies must have a clear idea of all the groups that should be included.”

CarbonView is designed to respond to increasing demand by companies that are motivated to ‘go green’ but that may not have an organised carbon emission reduction strategy. Specifically aimed at helping organisations model their environmental footprint so that they can get a complete picture of their impact on the environment, it is the first green technology innovation in Europe that enables organisations to capture, analyse and optimise carbon emission data across the extended supply chain. The result is that organisations are provided with information about the options available to them and how each will impact both the environment and their own bottom line.

Dr Cameron Hepburn, a climate change economics academic at Oxford University and contributor to the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change stated: “A cool-headed assessment of the economics of climate change suggests that the benefits of deep reductions in emissions outweigh the costs. Businesses have an overwhelming role to play in reaching that target.”

Hepburn also said effective incentives and policies will be a driver for many organisations, but that this would need to be backed up by strong analytics. “To drive their emissions down, companies need to be able to collate, view and analyse their environmental information. Solutions like CarbonView can help companies increase profits by reducing emissions,” he said.

CarbonView provides greenhouse gas emission data that organisations require to analyse the environmental consequences of their operations. Using this data, with data that companies collect internally, the companies can run different supply chain scenarios. The application compares economic and environmental changes and the impact on its supply chain to determine which scenarios are environmentally sound while being financially viable.

In addition, layered on top of common supply chain applications to elicit carbon analysis data, it allows ongoing carbon emission monitoring, with alerts set to be triggered once operations cause emissions to reach pre-determined levels.