The JANET education network is providing remote mobile access to academic and support staff through an agreement with the 3 mobile network.

The 3G mobile service will be available from next month and will be provided by telecoms operator aql using the 3 network.

JANET said the connectivity - via mobile dongle devices or tablet SIMs - will allow academic and support staff to remotely access resources such as research data, virtual learning environments and library catalogues whilst on the move.

It has received over 60 enquiries for the service from both universities and colleges interested in connecting to the service.

JANET 3G also offers integration with the international education roaming service eduroam, meaning existing authentication mechanisms can be used for mobile users, making security configuration much simpler.

Tim Marshall, chief executive at JANET, said: “Increasingly academic and support staff are working on the move and we are delighted to respond to this by providing high quality connectivity both on and off campus.”

A range of low- and high-usage packages for JANET 3G are being offered. Customers are able to choose either a press-out SIM card useable with the iPad and other tablets, a plug-in mobile dongle, or they can create a Wi-Fi hub for up to five users with a "Mi-Fi" device.