Farningham in Kent has been named the location in the UK with the slowest broadband speeds, by

Research by the broadband comparison site, revealed residents of the village achieve average download speeds of just 1.30Mbps, making it the UK's worst broadband 'blackspot'. said at this speed it would take 45 minutes to download one album and 12 hours to download a movie.

Kent has UK's slowest broadband Duns in Scotland was the second slowest area of the UK, achieving an average download speed of just 1.43Mbps, and was closely followed by Harbury in Warwickshire with 1.51Mbps, Hethersett in Norfolk at 1.60Mbps and Cockfield in County Durham, which achieved an average of 1.63Mbps.

The research revealed that the majority of the 20 broadband 'blackspots' were in rural villlages or small market towns. However, the city of Worcester came 20th in the list, with an average download speed of 2.01Mbps.

"Probably the biggest surprise is that a city, Worcester, made it into the top 20 list of broadband 'blackspots' out of more than 2000 towns, villages and cities surveyed," said Alex Buttle, director of

"It's a shame that in this day and age broadband blackspots continue to exist. The UK needs to offer top broadband speeds across the country regardless of geographic location, which is something the UK's networks are failing to deliver." also said the UK's average download speed was 6.86Mbps.