Apple is selling more Macs to businesses, according to an analyst, accounting for 20.5 percent of Mac sales in Q4 2011.

Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company said that this equated to growth of 50.9 percent, well ahead of Apple's overall growth in Mac sales, reports Apple Insider.

Business sales accounted for 34.9 percent of year-on-year total shipment growth for the Mac platform, Wolf said. Worldwide, Apple accounts for 2.9 percent of total business PC sales, though in the US that figure is much higher at 5.8 percent.

One of the reasons for the increase in Mac sales to business is that since the introduction of Boot Camp in 2006, Intel-based Macs are now able to run both Mac OS X and Windows.

Other factors such as third-party virtualisation software and better Mac support in Microsoft Exchange also played a role, Wolf said, but it was the introduction of the iPhone and iPad that really made the difference, he argues.

With more businesses becoming familiar with iOS devices, partially thanks to the growing BYOD trend and as lifestyle items used by key decision makers within the companies, Apple's ecosystem has much more appeal.