Rufus Leonard said it has halved the time needed for developing client websites by using a managed virtualisation service.

The digital marketing agency is using the NTT Europe managed virtualisation service, based on VMware technology, to help it cut costs through quicker development and testing of client websites.

The added speed came from placing all its clients’ websites on the hosted servers rather than on a multiple-server environment in-house at the agency, Rufus Leonard said.

Previously the agency, which serves companies such as Lloyds TSB, O2, BT, Royal Mail and Churchill, had to replicate its clients’ server environments onto its own servers before it could develop their websites, and then send the data back to NTT Europe, which hosted the sites.

Rufus Leonard said the new set-up was more flexible as it could run multiple servers virtually, on one machine, enabling it to take on more work.

Peter Barker, head of development at the firm, said the higher speed was crucial because "a core part of what we offer is the speed at which we can deliver our services”.

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