Microsoft is pushing its Kinect technology to have a life outside the computer game industry.

According to an article in the Financial Times, "Hundreds of commercial applications are under development for the £95 motion-sensing camera, ranging from aiding surgeons in operating theatres to selling cars. Microsoft has been working on a pilot programme with more than 200 companies for use of the Kinect across 25 industries, from healthcare to education, advertising and the automotive industry." The article points out that Toyota has already created a "virtual showroom," and a separate programme allows doctors to explore patients' records on PC by just waving their hands.

According to Microsoft's CFO, the widespread interest comes from the device's relatively low price point, £95 - two years ago, the in-development project still cost between tens of thousands of pounds.

But I guess this means you shouldn't find it strange if, the next time you're standing in a grocery checkout line you have to wave your arms around to scroll through menus, and talk to the screen to try and process your payment.