Microsoft Surface Pro1

Since its introduction of Windows 8 Pro earlier this year, Microsoft has been promoting its value to enterprise users.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that 30,000 Windows 8 Pro tablets are being deployed to sales personnel at Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance in Tokyo. The tablets will go into use in September.

Using the tablets, sales personnel will be able to offer videos and other content to explain the company's insurance products, Microsoft said. Windows 8 Pro was used on specialised tablets built by Fujitsu for the deployment. Sales personnel at various US-based companies have used iPads in a similar fashion since late 2010, including auto dealerships, to show off new car features and to check inventory in auto showrooms.

Yasuda sales teams previously prepared insurance proposals on Windows XP-based PCs and then printed them out for customers, Microsoft said.

The company's existing XP apps are compatible with Windows 8, which reduced the process of upgrading to a tablet. Plus, there's less reliance on paper. A Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview with security, BYOD (bring your own device) and user interface enhancements, among other features, is available, while the full enterprise edition will be released later this year.

Shipments of Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets reached two million in the second quarter, up from 1.8 million in the first quarter, IDC said this week. Of the two million, 1.8 million were Windows 8 tablets.