20141007 Maggie Vant Hoff 35

Drivers will no longer be told not to use mobile phones in petrol stations as mobile wallets and payment methods transform the oil industries road side and high street presence, the petrol station.

Maggie Van'T Hoff, CIO for the retail arm of Shell, based in the UK, told CIO UK: "Everything is moving to mobile, so by 2020 in the EU, 50% of people will be paying via mobile at fuel stations.

“We are already moving to mobile in certain markets and scaling up in 2015. That is a huge change at the sites," she said.

In an interview with CIO UK Van'T Hoff said the adoption of mobile was not only a reaction to increasing customer behaviour, but also an integration with automated refuelling systems that are being developed by Shell and automotive partners.

"Interactive refuelling is coming, offering other ways to refill the car at the pump and we are researching how to use the new smart technologies coming into cars. If it's raining and the kids are screaming an automatic way to refill the car is a way we can offer to do things differently. The technology is out there," Van'T Hoff said.

Accountancy and business services provider Deloitte believes that in the next 20 years "robotics and automation will disrupt a variety of industries, affecting 35% of existing job roles."

Shell is currently working on a pilot with Volkswagen and SAP to find new ways for drivers to refuel and pay at petrol pumps without leaving their cars. Amy Suhl, project and technology CIO at Shell has described how her team is researching wearable and mobile devices, and payment technologies with a variety of partners in the IT and automotive space.